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An untangler modeling a full team's set of gear.

An untangler or disentangler is an agent who works in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. They have that title because they tend to spend their time picking various people and things out of one canon and putting them back in the one where they belong, thus "untangling" the two worlds. They do occasionally have to deal with Mary Sues, character replacements, and possessed canons, too, so most untanglers at least know how not to kill themselves with a weapon and perform a basic exorcism.

Known Untanglers[]

For a full list, see Category:Department of Implausible Crossovers.

Like all the PPC, the DIC has a high turnover rate, but these agents have either been in the department longer than most or have left their mark on it.

  • Though more famous as assassins, Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd (RC F) spent some time in the DIC during their career.
  • Supernumerary and Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill (RC 999) hold the record for the longest known stint in the department, having been untanglers since late 2006.
  • Hawthorne and Key (RC 9843) were untanglers in 2008. Hawthorne was merely the latest in a long string of partners for Key, a banshee who was not known for her hygiene.
  • Sedri and Ketay (RC 1830) are also untanglers. Sedri was transferred from the DMS and partnered with Ketay, a Cardassian, in 2010.
  • Florestan and Eusabius (RC 1810), who joined in 2011, have the highest published mission count in the department so far.
  • Ari and Tera (RC 97) are the newest known untanglers in the DIC, having transferred from the Department of Floaters in 2012.
  • Former Assassin William Marshall hasn't published any of his mission reports, but has worked in the DIC since 2009.
  • Elisabeth, one of the original Action trio and a former Bad Slasher, was also one of the very first Untanglers, joining the newly founded DIC as soon as three agents who weren't Anya or Osbert were recruited.