This concept was removed from continuity by its author.

The Uber-Neuralyzer is a device created by the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology for use by the Department of Internal Operations, and is the ultimate in mind-cleansing technology. It is used by the DIO to decommission those Agents who have been dishonorably discharged from the PPC.

The Uber-Neuralyzer is a massive machine that takes up the entirety of a room hidden somewhere in the halls of the PPC; the exact location is one of the DIO's most closely guarded secrets (even more so since the DIO itself is a closely guarded secret), and only one of them exists. It was built by Makes-Things himself, using components of a number of mind-affecting devices reassembled into a large-scale neuralyzer layout.

The League of Mary-Sue Factories has obtained knowledge of the Uber-Neuralyzer through sources unknown, and has made several attempts to build their own; all have failed, because no-one knows exactly what devices Makes-Things cannibalized to make the Uber-Neuralyzer (only one is known; a Star Trek holodeck system), or exactly how it was put together (the original plans and notes have been confiscated by the DIO).

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