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Not to be confused with Tyler (DMS) or Tyler (MTFFAT).

Agent Tyler Reynolds is a Disentangler, of the Department of Implausible Crossovers. He is written by Just theDoctor.

Agent Profile[]


Tyler is of average height, 5'11", and average build. He has short, blond, severely gelled hair and brown eyes. He wears poofy medieval shirts with breeches and boots. His flying pig flash patch is typically on his left sleeve.


Tyler, as a fan of most medieval fantasy, speaks formally, using large words and few contractions (much like the that other Tyler). He severely distrusts technology, preferring to rely on the few spells in the PPC. He despises Sues and grammar violations, though he can't spell to save his life. He fails to find any humor in badfic, though he is excellent at telling jokes. He hates for others to see him eat.

Agent History[]


Tyler came in from World One, a volunteer. He has had some semi-official training.

PPC Career[]

After his training, he was paired with Amelia Grey in RC 2142. As of yet, they have had no documented missions. They have "adopted" two pets: the mini-Reaper Dalke and the mini-Reaver Sands of Blue.

Mission Logs[]

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Partnered with Amelia Grey[]