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Tyler was recruited to the PPC in late April 2008, a short time after the Mary Sue Invasion.

Agent Profile[]


Tyler was a nameless bit character in a Suefic. He was written for the sole purpose of escorting the Sue, a "water Sprite" named Ambellina, from her home in Mirkwood to Mordor. He was forgotten about by his writer after this was accomplished, and was left to wander around. However, the agents who had been sent in to deal with Ambellina, Cassie Young and Nat Freidar, decided that he didn't have enough charges to warrant killing and chose to recruit him instead. They then gave him his name and sent him back to HQ alone, as the agents had not yet finished their mission.

After completing the usual tasks for any recruit — namely, getting a uniform and other essential items — he was collared by Techno-Dann and talked into becoming the nominal head of the Makes-Things Fund For Abused Technology, or MTFFAT.

Tyler's close-up.


Having received no physical description whatsoever within the fic except his gender, Tyler is very pale, with grey eyes and white hair. He also has no idea how old he is, but appears to be an average human in his thirties. He is about 5'11".


Tyler is developing a personality as he goes, since he was never given any in his home fic. He has a rather formal mode of speech, which, while it is not Shakespearean, often causes him to use rather more words than necessary. He has a rather good memory, but is somewhat gullible and has a fairly weak understanding of social interactions, especially when it comes to the PPC's idea of socialising.


During his first few hours of PPCing, Tyler managed to infuriate a crowd of agents by telling them they were abusing their technology, and only got out of being lynched with the help of Agent Crispin Reed. It is unlikely that this will deter the new agent for long, although he may change his methods for promoting the charity.

Agent Timeline[]

  • April 2008 - recruited to the PPC by Cassie and Nat. Set up as head of the MTFFAT.


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