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Not to be confused with Tyler Reynolds or Tyler (MTFFAT).

Agent Tyler worked in the Department of Mary Sues, a member of the now-defunct Final Fantasy VIII Division; at some point it was absorbed into the Video Games Division. He has no known last name. He and his partner Kirsten originally worked in the Known Space/Niven Division, but were transferred due to a lack of work. They were written by Pierson.

Agent Profile[]


Agent Tyler spent most of his documented time at PPC Headquarters as a Pak Protector, a race from Larry Niven's Known Space universe, and so looked mostly like a hominid with a beak and clearly defined joints. When human and not disguised, he is tall, with black hair, green eyes and a handsome face (given enough sleep).


Agents Tyler appeared to be gleefully homicidal at times and fond of guns and other things with destructive power. It is possible he would have liked to be something with incredible destructive power, given occasional suggestions of going into fics disguised as Weapons.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RPGClassics Fan Fiction, "Comedies" section (scroll down to "Pierson")

Partnered with Kirsten[]

Other Appearances[]

Tyler and Kirsten have guest appearances in the Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction "Not Another Bloody Conspiracy!" by Weiila. The story parodies common badfic tropes for the continuum, with the canon characters fighting back to stop them as best they can. The PPC agents sometimes step in to lend a hand. Tyler and Kirsten appear in the following chapters: