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Twp'atwt (pronounced "Twup-atwut"; acronym for The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time) was a member of the Black Cats, a former member of the Department of Internal Security, and an enemy of the PPC. He was written by Huinesoron.

He was ordered to kill the DIS's prisoners near the end of the war against the rest of the PPC, to preclude any rescue attempt, but was attacked by Blue Photon before he could finish doing so (one known victim of Twp's massacre was The Disentangler, who was left for dead and later regenerated). He lost his eye in the resulting battle and barely escaped HQ, which caused him to hold a grudge against the agent that continued even seven years later.

By the time of the Black Cats' invasion, Twp had become leader of Parma Division, and was tasked with assassinating the Sub Rosa. This attempt failed, but Twp was able to escape. While leading his division through the Department of Finance, Twp was present for the beginning of the Mysterious Somebody's attack. He again fled, abandoning Parma to their fates, and encountered Blue again, attacking the former assassin. However, Blue defeated him easily, throwing a knife into his remaining eye after a brief sword duel and killing him.

A version of Twp'atwt inhabits the mirror multiverse: Twp'atwt (mirror).