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Twi'lek are an alien species in the Star Wars continuum. They are native to the planet Ryloth, but are spread throughout the galaxy. They have skin colors ranging from pink to red, blue, green, and more and are notable for the two lekku or brain-tails that protrude from the back of their heads. In very rare instances, such as Senator Orn Free Taa, a Twi'lek may be born with more than two lekku. Lekku are moderately prehensile and their movements are used in communication as much as spoken language. They are very important culturally and are biologically sensitive organs.

Slavery is common in Twi'lek society, especially since Twi'lek females are considered very attractive to a large range of other species. While many Twi'leks live as merchants or even criminals, the race also has a proud and honorable warrior tradition. Twi'lek personal names are incorporated into one with their clan name, though that convention seems to have fallen out of favor during the waning period of the Old Republic.

Prominent Twi'lek in the films include Jabba the Hutt's majordomo, Bib Fortuna, an exile from his clan (as indicated by the breaking in two of his original name, Bibfort'una) and Aaylas'ecura (also known as Aayla Secura), a Jedi Knight and General in the Clone Wars.

There are Twi'lek agents in the PPC, but the only ones who have been seen so far are Isolde Van and Tira Avrona.