Not to be confused with the Pernese New Year celebration.

It's often said in the mission reports that the PPC has a high turnover rate. The sad fact is, one-fourth of all agents go inactive after a single mission, and two-thirds go inactive after three or fewer; most of the missions on The Complete List of PPC Fiction are by agents who are now inactive. So far, the only spin-offs to meet the Original Series' 20-chapter mark are IndeMaat's Agents Allison and Tasmin, Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains's Agents Trojie and Pads, Tawaki and his crew of agents, Huinesoron's Dafydd, Constance, and Selene of DOGA, and Iximaz's Rina Dives. So, a word to the wise: Before joining the PPC as an agent, make sure that you can stand a high quantity of psychological trauma!

The most common reason for agents to leave the PPC is insanity, closely followed by death. A few have gone MIA, retired, or been decommissioned.

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