Trent is an original character created by Murdock's Crazylady. He appeared in the story "Deception 00: Alex' Past" and was introduced as Alex's older half-brother.

Recruitment Edit

Trent was much neglected by his caregivers (a very out-of-character A-Team), regularly beaten up by his four-years-younger sister and the victim of physical abuse. The agents assigned to this mission decided to recruit Trent for the PPC.

At the time of his recruitment, Trent was only ten years old and too young to be an assassin yet, at least according to his new guardian Tasmin. Trent was therefore put in charge of taking care of the mini-Deckers rescued from various other A-Team badfic.

Several years later, a now sixteen-year-old Trent is recruited by agent Allison to accompany her on a mission into an A-Team movie badfic.

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