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The Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority is a Steampunk AU of the PPC, featuring the requisite extremely long names, overly-complicated devices, and incredibly elaborate costuming. It was originally created by Pieguy, and expanded on by other PPCers.

During the 2013 Blackout, this AU connected with the main reality for long enough to allow Agents Eleanor and Christelle, its versions of Christianne Shieh and Eledhwen Elerossiel, to enter HQ. They were returned to their home reality during cleanup.

Constable Davillo and Nurse Constance of the TCDA. Artwork by Lily Winterwood.

Notable Members[]

While it is true that, for something with a 'canon' as small as the TCDA's, every person involved could be called 'notable', this list excludes individual constables.

  • Doctor Creator d'Article, the Oriental Artificer (a counterpart of Makes-Things)
  • The Portentuous Council of Transnatural Directors (including Sir Mallorn; the local equivalent of the Board of Department Heads)

Known Departments[]

  • The Miscellaneous Actions Department
    • Run by the Hydraulic Hyacinth
    • Nicknamed 'Various and Sundries'
    • Analogous to the Floaters
  • The Department of Locational Continuity Preservation
    • Run by Sir Mallorn
    • Nicknamed the 'Phlostigon Department'
    • Analogous to DOGA
  • The Department of Implausible Personage Eradication
    • Analogous to DMS
  • The Department of Internal Structure and Services
  • The Department of Applied Technical Creativity
    • Sometimes referenced as the Department of Technical Creativity
    • Analogous to DoSAT.
  • The Department of Expeditional Reconnaissance