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Trans-Dimensional Hopping occurs when an OC suddenly travels to another world. There is usually no logical explanation for this behavior, except the wish of the author to have his/her OC interact with his/her favorite canon characters. This plot device is a favorite of Mary Sues; in fact, the "Girl Falls into Middle-earth" plot is one of the most commonly-used on the Pit. Said Mary Sue will most likely end up interrupting the Council of Elrond, which will allow her to become a member of the Fellowship (see Tenth Walker).

There are many problems with this plot device:

  1. The canon characters in these stories are wont to react to the meddling OC without any sort of surprise, caution, or anger that would normally accompany such an intrusion.
  2. The universe in which the OC finds herself is usually fraught with danger, or at the very least has poorer standards of hygiene than our world—yet she never catches a strange disease and is usually capable of meeting all kinds of threats head-on. (It doesn't help that she is often a young teenager.) Somehow, the OC never gets dirty, either. Her hair never loses its salon-fresh gleam, her teeth never yellow, and she never has to shave her legs (any woman who has ever been on a weekend hike will immediately realize the improbability of this).
  3. There is usually no way that an OC should be able to understand the canon language(s), such as Westron for Middle-earth, and yet she is always able to converse fluently with the canon characters.
  4. The introduction of such an OC frequently goes hand-in-hand with anachronistic cultural contaminations, such as Rivendell Elves gaining the ability to make pizza. Yes, such an event has actually occurred.

Occasionally, a responsible author will write a fanfic involving Trans-Dimensional Hopping that does not result in the creation of a Mary Sue; however, this is extremely rare.

Trans-Dimensional Hopping should not be confused with its partner in crime, Trans-Dimensional Snatching.