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Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞 lit. Chaotic Sword Dance) is a 2015 Japanese video game developed by nitro+ and hosted on DMM (now EXNOA). It is a card-collecting and card-battle game in the same vein of Kantai Collection, except it's good-looking men who are collectible playable characters instead of women, and it's named Japanese swords belonging to Japanese historical figures that are the famous artifacts being personified into playable characters instead of ships.

Premise and Themes[]

Despite having a ton of characters, with new ones getting implemented on the regular, the game doesn't have an overarching plot. However, it does have a basic premise: in the year 2205, evil forces called the Temporal Retrograde Army (時間遡行軍 jikan sokōgun)/ Historical Revisionists (歴史修正主義者 rekishi shūsei shugisha) travel back in time to alter historical events. The player character, a faceless non-identity being called a saniwa (審神者) is appointed by the government to create an army of personified historical swords called touken danshi (刀剣男士 lit. sword men), run a Japanese-castle-like establishment called the Citadel (本丸, honmaru, lit. main circle (of a castle)) that serves as their housing and base of operations, and send the aforementioned sword men into battle to preserve history.

In the PPC[]

As this continuum is about personified Japanese swords, calling certain characters "swords" is common practice, in canon and fandom, and will not cause the Word World to render them as sentient bladed weapons.


Minis in this continuum are mini-Revisionists. See Mini/Touken Ranbu.

Missions in this continuum[]

  • New member - Agents Kaguya and Momoka, DMS, Video Games division.
    • An average TouRabu bad reader-insert with poor use of the English language and banal plot. The poor punctuation even suspends the agents in mid-air for most of the mission and the overuse of image insert in place of description turns characters into walking posters.
  • Sword's Lover - Agents Kaguya and Momoka.
    • Marks the first appearance of mini-Revisionists.