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Tortall is the setting for the majority of the fantasy novels written by Tamora Pierce. Its capital is Corus, located near the western coast on the Emerald Ocean. To the north is Scanra, a wild and somewhat barbaric country with whom Tortall went to war in the last two books of the Protector of the Small quartet and the first Trickster book, Trickster's Choice. To the east are Galla, Tusaine, and Tyra, and beyond these are Maren and Sarain. Carthak is south of Tortall across the Great Inland Sea, while to the west, in the Emerald Ocean, lie the Yamani Islands and the Copper Isles.

Barzun, mentioned several times during the Rebekah Cooper series, was a country situated to the south of Tortall before it was conquered by the latter in 378 HE; this addition gave Tortall control of the eastern coastline from Scanra to the southern delta of the River Drell. Prior to being conquered, Barzun covered the whole of the Great Southern Desert and part of the coast of the Great Inland Sea, the former of which was turned into Fief Meron under the Tortallan government.

In the PPC[]

Minis from the Tortall series are mini-Stormwings.

Agent Boston was recruited from a badfic that took place in Tortall.

Missions in this Continuum[]

All reports are listed alphabetically by agent name, in the case of agents with multiple missions, or by mission name.

Agents Specialized in this Continuum[]

Agents are considered specialized in a continuum when they have handled at least three missions in the canon. Most of these agents are also active/specialized in other continua. It is often not the agents who decide where their specialty lies, but the Flowers that keep assigning missions to them.

Agents Not Yet Specialized in This Continuum[]

Agents with fewer than three missions in this continuum are not specialized, yet. They probably soon will be.

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