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TooManySecrets (real name unknown), abbreviated as TMS, is an agent from the Uplink 'verse. He was recruited when he accidentally found the PPC during one of his jobs.

Agent Profile[]


TMS is a rather lanky young man. Since his recruitment his hair has grown a bit, making it almost shoulder-length. He prefers wearing simple shirts and jeans, trying not to stand out from the masses.


He's a humble man. During his career at Uplink Corporation, he never targeted individuals. Companies were an acceptable target because "at the end of the day, everyone's mainframes are empty and everyone's precious databases are on someone else's file server. It's an equilibrium." He doesn't mind accessing other people's data for personal information, though. Try to make him sell it and he'll fry your computer.

TMS is highly interested in hacker-related incidents. He keeps a pinboard full of newspaper articles of both World One and other 'verses.


Due to his origin, TooManySecrets is a master of Hollywood hacking. He can apply his skills in many soft science 'verses, especially those where Hollywood hacking has been shown to work.

Mission Reports[]

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Computer Security[]

  • "Unknown"
    • Two agents of dubious official existence meet. Also, the Ironic Overpower strikes again.