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'To the Moon' is a badfic in the Harry Potter continuum. An interesting little fic, this one, if you're fond of scratching your head and going 'err, what?' and then covering your eyes with fright and screaming 'DO NOT WANT!'


Brief plot summary: Harry loves Draco. Draco is inexplicably turned into a five-year-old. Harry is given guardianship of him, moves in to the Slytherin dungeon, makes happy-friends with Crabbe and Goyle (or 'Vince and Greg,' as they get called in the fic), meanwhile fixing all their problems (the reason they're so evil is that they're both gay and one's dyslexic).

It transpires that Draco has not been potty trained, and has also been traumatised by some kind of parental figure. Guess which one. Some very strange medical attention from Madam Pomfrey (with Harry basically molesting the child because Pomfrey decides it would be less traumatic than her doing it) later, and it transpires that Draco has been, er, repeatedly violated. Harry has an entirely canonical (at least according to OotP) rage-rant.

There is lots of bouncing on beds, early morning cuddling, kissing, Harry calling Draco 'poppet' and 'pet,' etc.

Eventually, Draco gets turned back into his seventeen-year-old self and he and Harry discover their true love for each other. Oh, and Harry nearly kills Lucius Malfoy. It's weird and unpleasant.


'To the Moon' was sporked by Trojie and Pads. It can be read in two parts, here and here.

The badfic itself was formerly hosted on the Pit, but has since been removed.