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Agent Tiranel van de Kamp, along with her partner, Agent Melanin, is a member of the Department of Technical Errors. She was written by NenyaQuende.

Agent Profile[]

Tiranel is the daughter of two now-retired PPC agents, Garid and Tarsulëiel "Lael" Odaren. Garid is a Trill from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Lael is an uncanonical daughter of Aragorn whose younger sister was a full-blown Legolusting Sue who was captured by orcs as a baby, raised in Mirkwood by humans who found her by the roadside, and (of course) trained by Leggy, who later fell in love with her. When the PPC came to kill the Sue, they decided that Lael, who had done nothing worse than declare a crush on Éowyn and Faramir's son, was recruitable. Six months later, the first Trill/half-Elf wedding took place at HQ, and ten months after that, Tiranel was born.

She didn't end up with any special powers, but she did get both the trademark Trill spots and a set of slightly pointed ears. She also got her Sue aunt's "Ranger" name: Tiranel. The Personnel registrar was going to give her "Telcontar-Odaren" for a surname, but when the papers came back, she was "Tiranel van de Kamp" (which is the surname of the couple who adopted Scully's son William in the last season of The X-Files). Somehow, probably because Krycek speaks Russian, Tiranel can now speak Russian. So maybe languages counts as a special power—at last count, it was six: Trill, Federation Standard, Sindarin, Westron, Russian, and English. That's assuming Fed. Standard isn't English.

Tiranel started her PPC career in the Department of Mary Sues, Star Trek Division, and had two previous partners, the most recent of whom was Agent Quen. Her mini is Larin the mini-Jem'Hadar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.