Tinco Division was a secret division of the mirror DIS that was working to overthrow the Sunflower Emperor and the EPC. However, Agent Dassie was still loyal to the SE, and denounced them all to the Tiger Lily, who had them driven out of EPC Headquarters; most of the mirror Tinco seem to have escaped into the prime multiverse.

All prominently featured DIS agents from the prime multiverse, with the exceptions of the mirror Dassie Hyrax and possibly the mirror Nyx Nightingale (who appeared briefly and was not said either way), were members of Tinco Division in the mirror multiverse. It also includes mirrors of people who, while members of the Black Cats, were not in the DIS, such as Serna Tjan. The mirror Bracket Fungus headed the mirror Tinco Division, but didn't seem to have any other influence over the mirror DIS prior to their escape from HQ.

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