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The Tiger Lily is the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs, and directly oversees its Administration Division. Since the Reorganisation, she has been a member of the Board of Department Heads.


The Tiger Lily is prone to disagreements with her superiors and peers,[1] and has an ongoing rivalry with (not to mention personal dislike for) Captain Dandy.[2] On the other hand, she seems to get on decently with her agents, though she expects a lot of them and some find her stare intimidating.[3] In the course of her duties, she likes to be in control at all times, and becomes unhappy if she is unable to keep her leaves on the pulse of a situation. She apparently does not take insubordination well.[4]



The Tiger Lily was one of the Flowers Awakened in the third radiation pulse on the world of Origin.[1] She was the first of the younger Flowers to speak to the Sunflower Official, and exhibited an early tendency to challenge received wisdom.[1] When the Sunflower Official founded the Organisation, she was placed in the Marquis de Sod's Admin Department, as part of the intelligence team.[5]

She and Captain Dandy were the first Flowers to encounter a Mary Sue. The two Flowers were forced to fight the Sue, and discovered their own ability to directly attack another creature's mind.[2] The discovery and death of the Mary Sue led directly to the Civil War over Origin, and the Organisation's refounding as the Protectors of the Plot Continuum.

During the Civil War, the Department of Intelligence was split off from the Admin Department; the Tiger Lily became a member of the new department, continuing her friendship with the Sub Rosa, its new head.[6] When a plothole opened from Origin, she was one of the first Flowers to pass through it, and took a pivotal role in defending the evacuation of the planet.[7]

The Tiger Lily continued in her role in the Department of Intelligence after the Cascade settled down; she was responsible for interviewing Elisabeth and Anya and figuring out who and what they were.[8]

Board of Flowers[]

The Tiger Lily became generally known during the Reorganisation. Following the expulsion of the Department of Internal Security, the Tiger Lily was tasked with setting up the Department of Internal Affairs to deal with any discipline problems in the PPC. She was appointed to the Board of Department Heads in her new capacity as head of the DIA.

During the Black Cats' invasion, she led the survivors of her department to join the Department of External Security outside HQ. Though they still didn't get on, she worked with Captain Dandy again to fight the Black Cats and Mysterious Somebody's army, culminating in the battle in front of the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent where most of the invaders were destroyed. After the crisis passed, she and one of her officers worked together to reorganise the DIA into a more effective police force.[9]

The Tiger Lily was one of the three who managed to get together to alert the agents to the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. She remained on the Board through the 2006 and 2013 reshufflings,[10] and in the Prime Multiverse's 2025, will be part of the Board meeting that prevents the Department of Efficiency from ever being formed.