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Tia Giltine works for the Department of Mary Sues, primarily in the Tolkien fandom. Her partner is Car'rok. She was written by BattleHamster.

Agent Profile[]


Agent Giltine is a young human female. She is of average height for her sex and species and fairly thin. She has dark brown hair and muddy grayish eyes.


Tia started in the Department of Bad Slash, but she was transferred to the DMS after an incident that the Department of Fictional Psychology refuses to disclose any information on.

Her first mission as part of the DMS was tackling "Elves and Honor," a fanfic in which Legolas falls in love with the daughters of the king of Mirkwood. He doesn't realize—and neither did the Suethor—that his beloved is, in fact, his sister. To complete the mission, she and her partner had to kill all three Sue sisters: Elrain, Eldarwin, and Elena.

In her second DMS mission, she and her partner dealt with Erin, a teenage girl who falls from the modern world into Middle-earth, falls in love with Meriadoc Brandybuck, and drinks something that turns her into a hobbit.

Her third mission was an unofficial killing of Azrael Rowena, a Mary Sue in a Sweeney Todd fanfic.

Her fourth mission was "The Fourth Age," a badfic that included two daughters of Aragorn and Arwen, a daughter of Faramir and Éowyn, and Sauron's twins.

She and her partner also participated in the (as of now unfinished) mass PPCing of the Rose Potter series.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Car'rok and Tia's Mission Reports (ALL LINKS BROKEN)

Partnered with Car'rok[]