Things I Am Not Allowed to Do at the PPC is an ongoing list of things you are not allowed to do at the PPC. Every one of them is either a bad idea or a very bad idea. This is just a game played on the Board for fun, though; it is not an actual in-universe document and for the most part should not be treated as Serious Business.

Kippur is to blame for the list, but Tawaki is to blame for its continued existence.

The articles here are copies of each part of the list as created on the Board. Parts I-XIV were originally posted to the PPC LJ Community, but newer parts have been posted straight to the wiki. Once this is done, that part is officially finished and therefore should not be added to or subtracted from. Having conflicting versions would be bad.

So far, the list has at least 1838 individual entries (plus codicils). Because of its sheer size, it is split into several different, easy-to-read articles.

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