Who is this girl who calls herself Agent Shrike? Is she an agent that went insane and now survives wandering the halls of HQ? Is she a bored agent perpetrating a practical joke of a hoax? Is it possible that she is some form of Sue that has escaped and lives in the pathless tracks of the ever changing hallways?

If she is encountered, and it is safely possible, subdue her, and notify FicPsych. She should be considered armed and dangerous.

She knocks on the doors of RCs and if she happens to get an answer, she will try to push her way into the room. It is then nearly impossible to get rid of her without violence. She has been known to lurk outside doorways to ambush agents she knows are home. She carries pamphlets which illustrate, with hand-drawn-with-crayon stick figures, the SO Conspiracy Theory. In the event that she gets the idea that you do not believe her or are not taking her seriously, she is likely to get violent and attempt to exorcise your disbelief from you. Anything you say and any action you take will be twisted by her to be either in support of her position or evidence of your possession.

She also believes that "freaky creatures that look like snot with a bazillion tentacles" are roaming the corridors of HQ, wiping people's memories. It is not clear whether she thinks these creatures are acting on behalf of the fake SO, but it seems likely.

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