The Sisterhood were Mary Sues slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. They appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic notable for including nine Tenth Walkers, the highest recorded number and a "Code 18."

History of the Sisterhood Edit

The Sisterhood, after being rejected from the Fellowship at Rivendell, showed up at Lórien (having totally skipped all the plot in between), and challenged the Fellowship to random duels to "prove their worth."

  • Deminica, an elf, was the lead Sue of the Sisterhood.
  • Arond was a "woodland elf" Legoluster who had fashion sense horrible enough to wear an orange top with green sleeves (inspiring this filk). She knocked Aragorn (and herself) out in a fistfight.
  • Mianatis was the only human of the group. She beat Boromir in a duel and then threatened to "accidentally" cut his throat.
  • Galami was the Sisterhood's only dwarf member. She was fond of excessive amounts of tacky jewelry and had the ability to keep a straight face despite having a name that reminded everyone of cold cuts.
  • Shirlia was a hobbit member of the Sisterhood.
  • Carenada was another hobbit in the Sisterhood.
  • Adromeda was an elf Sue who wore a crown but was not a princess. She wore a medallion around her waist, for some reason. Frodo fell for her immediately.
  • Lanalei was an elvish member of the Sisterhood.
  • Kylina was an elvish member of the Sisterhood who appeared out of nowhere and wore "a blue gown with a black full length coat/dress thing." She caused Aragorn to walk away from a fight because he "didn't want to lose, but didn't want to beat [her]."

Charges Edit

Kylina and Arond (and presumably the rest of the Sues) were charged with "bad grammar, interfering with the characters of the entire Fellowship of the Ring, spending way too many sentence-long paragraphs on your clothes and not one on the Golden Wood, calling it Loth Lorien, and being Mary Sues."

Kylina was charged with "not knowing what the hell she's wearing, with causing Arwen to vanish from existence, and with precipitating a jarring switch from third to first person."

Arond was charged with "wearing horrible clashing colors even I know better than to wear and causing everyone to think it's beautiful."

Character Demises Edit

Kylina and Arond were shot with arrows by Jay and Acacia. Mianatis was poisoned by Acacia. Galami, Shirlia, Carenada, Adromeda, and Lanalei were all either strangled by Jay or force-fed poison by Acacia.

The bodies were thrown into the middle of the ocean as an offering to Ulmo.

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