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The Silmarillion is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. It starts at the creation of Arda and follows the history of Men and Eldar throughout the various Ages of Middle-earth. The main plot focuses around the creation and loss of the Silmarils. Together with The Lord of the Rings, this proves that the people of Middle-earth have an inherent obsession with shiny objects.

Missions in this Continuum[]

The Silmarillion takes place in the same continuum as The Lord of the Rings; however, the large time gap between the two books means that they share very few characters. These are the missions that take place during the events chronicled in The Silmarillion.

Agents Specialised in this Continuum[]

Agents are considered specialised in a continuum when they have handled at least three missions in the canon. Most of these agents are also active/specialised in other continua. It is often not the agents who decide where their specialty lies, but the Flowers that keep assigning missions to them.

Agents Not Yet Specialised in This Continuum[]

Agents with fewer than three missions in this continuum are not specialised, yet. They probably soon will be.