Map of Konti-Nyuum as of summer 2014, by hS.

The Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum is, to quote Huinesoron, an answer to a question that was never asked: What if the PPC Community was a medieval nation?

The World of Plort Edit

The island of Konti-Nyuum lies to the north of the great continent of Weab. On this cliff-walled rock the noble knights Jay and Acacia made their home, building the Protectorate of Plort, and those who came after them have carried the Protectorate through its trials and troubles to the current Union of Plort. The Knights of Plort sally ever forth against the hosts of the Marizu, seeking to defend the far-off nations of the Scholars' Empire from their scourge. For the full history of Plort, see Baron Huinesoron's Cyclopaedia.

Each and every member of the PPC Community is also a resident of Plort. Volume 6 of the Cyclopaedia lists the histories and descriptions of those of us who've given them in Plort threads so far.

There are only three 'ranks' in Plort. All Permission Givers are barons. Anyone with Permission is a knight. Everyone else is a citizen. These ranks don't impart social standing – they're relevant only to the crusades against the Marizu. Barons are war-leaders, and knights are permitted to ride against the Marizu; citizens shouldn't do so (but that's 'shouldn't', not 'never do').

PPC agents are cast as a knight's weapons, armour, horse, whatever, not as people. Departments are ships, such as the Aberration (DOGA). OFUs are armies out of the great military camp of Ofum.

Everyone can have their own pair of heraldic devices, according to Plort's two systems of heraldry as described here.

Most of the nations on Weab are hopefully self-explanatory parodies of various websites. Canons are in the Scholars' Empire, while their fandoms are on Weab (and mostly under the dominion of the Marizu).

How to Participate Edit

Wait until hS starts the next Plort thread on the Board, then jump right in! Make sure to read the Cyclopaedia to get the general gist of things, though.

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