The Makes-Things Fund For Abused Technology, usually abbreviated to MTFFAT, was first mentioned by JulyFlame on the PPC Board. Several other Boarders thought it an interesting idea, so a message was sent to Techno-Dann in DoSAT, asking him to set it up. Dann, already fairly busy, especially with the aftermath of two consecutive invasions, caught the first nearby agent to help him out. This agent proved to be Tyler, a new recruit who had not yet been assigned anywhere and was therefore given the full-time job of running the Fund.

Although the Fund is still in its early stages, tempers have already been lost over the idea, as was proven when Tyler began to lecture agents and was almost mobbed by them. The current aims of the Fund are to raise awareness of the charity and promote its aims, which are "to remind agents that the technology they use is meant to help them, and that they should not abuse it in such a manner as it is reported that they do."

The MTFFAT is technically under the jurisdiction of DoSAT; however, it is probable that the latter will seek to publicly disassociate itself from said Fund to avoid mobbings. For the time being, however, the charity's symbol is the DoSAT flash patch overlaid with a screwdriver.

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