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Agent Librarian is a Renegade Time Lord who served in the Department of Floaters before his retirement. He was written by Desdendelle.

First Librarian[]


A bit taller than his former partner, the Librarian usually wears a brown trench coat over a formal black suit (leather gloves included). He hides his face with a hood sewn to his coat. He is known to carry a large tablet computer around.


The Librarian used to be a jerk. He had a haughty streak a mile wide and a bad case of Time Lord superiority complex. His social skills are scraping rock-bottom, too. He had an unhealthy obsession with an Osirian pun, hinted to be a way to cope with the reason ran away from Gallifrey — something happened to one of his dear friends that left him disfigured and in a coma.

For some reason, he considers the Reader a friend,[1] and treats her as decently as he can; she is the sole person he isn't a jerk to.

Then the Aviator solved the Riddle. The Librarian is now a lost man, unsure of his place and purpose in the world.

He also served as the Jade Warden on the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile.

In March 2017, the Librarian retired to his home canon.

Second Librarian?[]


Apparently a future regeneration. Who knows?

First appearing in a Ten Years Hence story, the second Librarian looks like a nineteen-year-old girl.[2] She's short, petite, and sports a long braid. She still retains her previous incarnation's fondness of longcoats, but has exchanged the well-made, hooded one for a certain brown shabby one.


Quiet, formal and still unable to use contractions, this version of the Librarian does have a silly streak and a penchant for nicknaming. She is a caring parent – if a little too worrisome – and loves her husband very much. She seems to share Des' love of tea.

Mission Logs[]

Partnered with Desdendelle[]

  • Mission 3: "Screw Loose" (PPC badfic)
    • In which the Librarian is temporarily partnered with Rina to take down shipped versions of themselves.
    • Original fic not available online.

Other Stories[]

  • Appears in "Never Falls Far"
    • The year is 2034. Elanor comes back home from the academy and proceeds to get into trouble.