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The Disentangler is a Time Lady in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. Her partner is the Agent. They were both created by Tawaki, but are now written by Lily Winterwood.

Agent Profile[]


The Disentangler is a Prydonian from the House of Redlooms. When she looked into the Untempered Schism at the Time Lord Academy, she ran away – and then encountered a drunk First Doctor and had to drag him away from the site of the Schism. This experience may have lent itself to the rumour that she went mad looking into the Schism. At the Academy, the Disentangler was known as Lachesis.

The Disentangler met the Agent while at the Academy; upon leaving the Academy the two of them obtained their own TARDIS and set off to see the universe.


The Disentangler has regenerated five times already:

The Agent and the Disentangler have (until 2008 HST) always regenerated together, ensuring that their new bodies would have contrasting personalities. Whether this is a subtle way for them to avoid being reassigned or just the Narrative Laws of Comedy at work is entirely unknown (for now). What is known is that it has led Morgan III to describe them as having "some weird suicide pact thing going on."


The Fifth Disentangler had bushy black hair and dark skin. The Sixth Disentangler has blonde hair long enough to be tied up and held in place by various implements, ranging from paper umbrellas to pencils.


The First Disentangler was known to have stalked the Doctor like Colin Creevey stalked Harry Potter when they were in school together. She often dragged the (First) Agent into it with her.

The Third Disentangler was practically mute.

The Sixth Disentangler, after a period of post-regenerative frustration (during which she informed Dustin O'Grady that her partner would be partnered with him temporarily), discovered an alarmingly talkative and cheery persona.


With the Agent[]

The Disentangler and the Agent have been inseparable since Time Lord Academy days. Their relationship is, as with most things pertaining to Time Lords, complicated.

With other Time Lords[]

The Disentangler serves as the Sapphire Watcher on the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile, responsible for monitoring the Doctor Who TV series. Sometimes she switches roles with the Agent for no reason other than to keep their colleagues on their toes.

In one closed time loop, the Disentangler led a resistance against Morgan, who was trying to take over the Multiverse. She was unsuccessful, but then the Doctor showed up and saved the day, retconning things so that the Disentangler doesn't remember this.

The Disentangler also takes great joy in inconveniencing the Notary.


Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with the Agent[]