The Copper Isles, also referred to as the Kyprin Isles and the Kyprish Isles, is a location in the Tortall setting of Tamora Pierce's novels. It is a country in the Emerald Ocean consisting of a cluster of eight individual islands south of the Yamani Islands. Its capital city is Rajmuat on the Kypriang Island. Prior to the luarin (or easterner) assault in the year 174 HE, the Isles were controlled by raka (native) queens and locked in a constant and bitter internal struggle that saw more exported than imported slaves, among other tragedies.

Following the laurin assault in the later 170's HE, the Isles were under the control of the Rittevon kings, who dominated the natives of the Isles through heavy taxation, slavery, and mass executions following any outbursts of rebellion. The raka claimed their failure to keep their Isles was due to their patron god, the trickster Kyprioth, being weakened by the struggles in the Isles and so unable to hold against his siblings the Great Goddess and Mithros, who traveled with the laurin conquerors and aided in their success.

The Isles were brought back under the control of the raka during the events of the Trickster series, though by the end of Trickster's Queen there were still some holdouts among the natives as to whether or not they wanted twice-royal Dovasary Balitang to rule.

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