This page is a duplicate of the Complete List maintained by Araeph; it indexes a list of all spin-offs and other PPC related stories.

The original list may still be found here, together with its sister List of Everything PPC, but it is no longer maintained regularly.

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In order to keep this index as complete as possible, anyone with Permission may and should link their spin-offs here and update the mission count when they write a new story. Also, anybody who spots an error or finds a legitimate PPC fiction which is not linked here may update this list. You do not need Permission to do this; the only requirement is that the author had Permission to write the story in the first place.

A few reminders, however:

  • Although this list is organized by department, this is not a List of Departments. Departments without stories centered on them should not be listed here.
  • Entries should be titled after the agents who star in them.
  • Include a chapter count after each series. The count applies to chapters without actual missions (interludes, prologues, etc.), as long they are PPC-related and more than just forewords.
  • Organize entries first by chapter count, then alphabetical order.
  • Stories with a new mission count (updated within the last month) should have the number in red, a lime green NEW! tag, and the month/day date. When they are no longer new, the tags should be removed. To keep the page tidy, anyone may and should remove old tags.
    • Mission count code: (<span style="color:red;">5</span>)
    • New mission code: (<span style="color:lime;">NEW!</span>)
  • Mark, but do not remove, broken links using a magenta LINK BROKEN tag. (The original links may help us find the missions.) You may remove them if you are replacing them with a link where those missions have been re-hosted.
    • Broken link code: (<span style="color:magenta;">LINK BROKEN</span>)
  • If your agents have been in more than one department, list them under the department where they completed the highest number of missions.

All-Purpose Department Edit

The Covenant Division Edit

Fire Emblem Division Edit

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Bad Role-play Department Edit

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Journal of Investigating Veracity by Experimentation Edit

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Department of Implausible Crossovers Edit

Despatch Edit

Department of Improbable AUs Edit

Department of Improbabilities Edit

  • Agents Mittens and the Radioactive Moss Creature (9)
  • Agents Alec Troven, Lorac Seriph, Marc-C and Verra Rose (3 Alec/Verra + 3 Alec/Marc-C + 2 Alec alone + 1 Verra/Lorac + 5 cowrites where either Alec or Verra cooperated with another department + sundry other pieces that may or may not count here) Yes, it’s complicated, and there is no central spin-off site to put it all into order. Use the respective agent’s page to find everything with Alec or everything with Verra.
  • Agents Turik and Tara (1) (LINK BROKEN)

Department of Intelligence Edit

Department of Internal Affairs Edit

Department of Internal Operations Edit

Department of Mary Sues Edit

Missions from smaller DMS divisions are listed under their genre. Genres may or may not have a general division (Anime, Sci-Fi/Steampunk, Video Games, and Rare Fandoms do; Fantasy and General Fiction do not). If an agent pair from a small DMS division doesn't have a continuum-specific division after their names, then they are in the division dedicated to the genre.

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien Edit

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Harry Potter Edit

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Small DMS Divisions: Anime/Manga Edit

Small DMS Divisions: Fantasy Edit

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  • Episode I performed by Huinesoron, Julyflame, and Sara
  • Episode II performed by Huinesoron, Julyflame, and Sara

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