The Carver is an agent of the Department of Floaters. She is written by Astral Void, and is partnered with Fix Crane.


The Carver stands at about 5'8. She is a Caucasian woman who appears to be in her mid-thirties. She has very pale skin, thick black hair normally kept in a braid and green eyes. She normally wears long dresses of a very old fashion, but when on missions, she wears black jeans, black shirts and a black jacket with sewn-in pieces of chain mail. The Carver wears no jewellery except for earrings, which are normally quite simple and made of silver.


The Carver has kept the mannerisms of her childhood, and is generally thus a very polite and civilised individual, calling people 'sir' and 'madam'. She has problems being around large numbers of people, and therefore stays in her RC whenever she isn't obliged to be outside. She is very artistic, being both a woodworker and a pianist, and spends a lot of time reading and thinking. She owns a small, completely ordinary canary, named Gerald, who she talks to quite a lot. 


The Carver, despite being a wizard, cannot cast conventional spells for her continuum. What she can do is cast spells by drawing a symbol; infusing it with magic that takes the form of what the symbol represents to her; and then touching the symbol and directing the force at something. While she has pre-prepared spells in a variety of places, she carves spells into her skin in the event that they are taken away from her. Her unique form of magic means that while she can easily use technology (it only fails if it's especially sensitive or if she casts a spell near it), she cannot create potions or any spells beyond 'throw X at it', making her a totally combat-oriented mage.


The Carver began life as the sister of a Dresden Files Sue. She was born around the 1900s in New York City and, after the death of most of her family, was raised by her sister, 'the second Archive'. Several decades later, after being separated from her sister, the Carver joined the Winter Court for safety, and after spending decades as one of Mab's maids, was rescued by her sister and Harry Dresden. Shortly afterwards, the PPC stepped in, killed her sister, and decided to recruit the Carver.

The Carver has had three partners throughout her time as an agent. The first trained her and then retired; the second became very close to her, but was killed by a Sue, and the third is Fix Crane, who has been doing his best to get along with her.

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