A screencap of the top of the Board. Just in case you caught temporary amnesia and forgot what it looked like.

Not to be confused with Board of Department Heads.

The Board is not a table, it is not a plank, and it's not a chalkboard or whiteboard or whatever-else-have-you. It is the PPC Posting Board, and it is the main message board of the PPC.

The Board has a constitution, which we politely insist that you read before participation. It also has a FAQ, which newcomers may find useful.

This is where you can get Permission, talk off-topically about something, plug your missions or fics, and occasionally bring up badfic.

The people who visit the Board are generally excitable and friendly. They also tend to try and give you things, if you prove a vulnerable target. They especially love it when people who had left return back to the Board, and even more so if they return to the PPC itself.

Archives Edit

The Board currently stores roughly a year and a half's worth of posts (or, more precisely, 25,000[1]). In order to preserve posts older than this, Tomash and Huinesoron have launched the Board Archive here and here.

T-Board Edit

See T-Board

T-Board is the PPC's backup Board, used for RPs and as a spam or server-issues shelter. It can be found here.


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