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The Agent is a Time Lord in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. He and his partner the Disentangler were both created by Tawaki, but are now written by Lily Winterwood.

Agent Profile[]


The Agent is a Prydonian from the House of Blyledge. When he first looked into the Untempered Schism at the Time Lord Academy, he was said to have gone mad. Admittedly, that could just mean that he might have gotten a glimpse into his future as a PPC Agent – a future rather outlandish even to the Time Lords. At the academy, the Agent was known as Adil.

The Agent met the Disentangler while at the academy; upon leaving the academy the two of them obtained their own TARDIS and set off to see the universe.


The Agent has regenerated four times:

The Agent and the Disentangler have (until 2008 HST) always regenerated together, ensuring that their new bodies would have contrasting personalities. Whether this is a subtle way for them to avoid being reassigned or just the Narrative Laws of Comedy at work is entirely unknown (for now). What is known is that it has led Morgan III to describe them as having "some weird suicide pact thing going on."


Little is known of the Agent's previous four bodies, although one of them was ginger, accounting for the Agent's dislike for ginger hair. The Fifth Agent bears a slight resemblance to that of the Tenth Doctor: tall, lanky, and brunet.


The Third Agent was loyal and reliable and a solid counterpart to the Third Disentangler, who had been almost-mute at the time. The Fifth Agent claims he liked his third body. 

In contrast the Fourth Agent was a body the Fifth Agent doesn't want to talk about, for some reason.

The Fifth Agent is calmer than his partner, the Sixth Disentangler. He comes off as more mellow – when he's not looking grumpy from being woken up from a resting period. The Fifth Agent has a keen love for napping and eating, which seems counterintuitive to a Time Lord but may contribute to his docile and laid-back persona. He also enjoys anything Earl Grey-related, from Earl Grey-flavoured Suebuprofen to the actual tea itself.


With the Disentangler[]

The Agent and the Disentangler have been inseparable since Time Lord Academy days. Their relationship is, as with most things pertaining to Time Lords, complicated.

With other Time Lords[]

The Agent serves as the Amethyst Keeper on the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile, responsible for monitoring the extended Doctor Who canon. Sometimes he switches roles with the Disentangler for no reason other than to keep their colleagues on their toes.

The Agent had a minor thing for Morgan I, because of the visual similarity she had to Romana II. This has long since passed.


Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with the Disentangler[]