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 Thalia Weaver was a member of the PPC community during Jay and Acacia's time.

PPC Participation[]

One of the three original Permission Givers other than Jay and Acacia, this member participated heavily on the Board and co-wrote the Pirates of the Caribbean OFU, The Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean Islands. Although she did not create any spin-offs, her agent alter-ego, Agent Rhus Radicans, appeared briefly in The Original Series.

The Incident[]

In the fall of 2003, Thalia Weaver upset many boarders by spreading false stories. After one of her stories was plagiarized, she faked several more incidents of plagiarism of her work. She also fabricated a story that someone from school was harrassing her because of her sexual orientation; this took place primarily on her LiveJournal, but it was discussed on the Board several times. Around Halloween of 2003, all was revealed, to the shock of many PPCers. The Incident spilled over into the GAFF forums, various Livejournals, and other corners of the internet.

The Thalia Weaver Incident was the first really dramatic incident in the history of the Board, and the Boarders weren't really equipped to handle it well. From then on, the Board learned to be somewhat more cautious when dealing with supposed online drama.

Thalia immediately apologised, and remained on the PPC Board for some months before finally drifting away.