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Thalia Weaver is a retired DCPS caseworker and DMS agent. She was created by Thalia Weaver, and has been adopted by Huinesoron.

Agent Profile[]

During her tenure with the PPC, Thalia Weaver was a bouncy, bubbly girl with a tendency to glomp.[1] Fifteen years later, this hadn't really changed much.[2]

Agent History[]


In March 2002, Thalia Weaver was part of the first group of students at OFUM, having been "invited" to join over her Aragorn romance fanfic. She met and befriended Kaitlyn Jackson, then going by the name Jenny, in the very first assembly.[2]


Thalia seems to have been recruited to the PPC around 2003. She worked in the Department of Mary Sues, Lord of the Rings division alongside Shada.[1] This appears to have come about because Shada could no longer work with her previous partner, Rhus Radicans, for unspecified reasons.[3]


By mid-2004, Thalia had moved to the PPC-adjacent Department of Character Protective Services, where she was the caseworker for Samwise Gamgee.[2] She worked closely with the other Hobbit caseworkers - Bast (Frodo Baggins), Kaitlyn Jackson, and Chelsea Miller (Merry & Pippin, as a team).[4]

Thalia left the PPC following an unspecified Incident, and was forbidden from returning to HQ.[2] It seems likely this took place in summer 2004.


With Mercuria, Thalia founded the Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean Islands, declaring herself Dictatoress Thalia.[5] She exhibited a distinct tendency to sic the Misspelled Monkeys on people.[6]

Later Life[]

Many years after her last recorded appearance, Thalia snuck back into HQ in 2019 for Kaitlyn Jackson's thirtieth birthday party.[2]


Miss Thalia


Thalia Weaver was created by and named after an early PPCer, who co-write part of the Original Series as Rhus Radicans. She was one of the three Permission Givers created by Jay on her departure, and drifted away from the community ca. 2004 after a plagiarism incident.


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