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Teyala Solnerii is an asari working in the Nursery. Her duties primarily focus around taking care of infants and toddlers rescued from badfic stories. She also coordinates with and assists those agents looking to adopt children of their own.

She is free to use with permission for any PPC writers.

About Teyala[]

Teyala's appearance is typical of an asari, with tentacle-like flaps of skin instead of hair and indigo-colored skin. When on duty, she wears a simple black-and-grey jumpsuit. However, even her more elaborate free-time outfits have the Department of Operations flash patch on them.

She has a warm and outgoing personality, especially when it comes to her young wards. Her closest friends are treated as if they were members of her own family.

Teyala is a member of the Pennacook Club, the PPC's only private bar. She has a fondness for tabletop RPGs.