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Secretary to the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, Tess is usually just referred to by her given name. She is affiliated with Techno-Dann, and presumably is responsible for cataloging all of the various technological breakdowns and mishaps throughout the PPC. She keeps her files extremely neat, and is described as young, with "glasses over her blue-green eyes," and "blonde hair neatly worked into a bun at the back of her head. She would be the perfect Nice Little Old Secretary, except she looked to be in her early twenties."

Tess keeps a pair of loaded Uzis and a foot-long, razor-sharp knife in a panel below her desktop.

Character History[]

Tess was recruited from a Matrix Suefic in which the principal culprit, who called herself Agent Michaelson, was the only female Agent ever to exist and fell in love with Agent Smith. Since Tess was only a bit character, the PPC decided to deputize her.


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