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Agent Terri Ryan is a member of the Department of Personnel, permanently attached to the Department of Geographical Aberrations as an archivist. She is written by Huinesoron.

Agent Profile[]


Terri is a young woman with black skin and hair to match, usually tied up in a severe bun. [1] Given that she most often wears a PPC uniform – black – she has been known to become completely invisible when in the more shadowed parts of the Archives.[2] Even on the rare occasion she lets her hair down (literally and metaphorically), she tends to stick to the black theme.[2]

In 2006, someone claiming to be Terri appeared on Page Three of the tenth issue of the Multiverse Monitor.[3] The girl appearing in the paper had fair skin and was described as being in the Department of Intelligence; the photo was later darkened and the department changed to Personnel. All this is typical of the Monitor's truth-averse editorial policies.


Terri is a rather hassled person, and tends to be quite scathing in response.[1] She isn't often seen smiling, though she has been known to get quite excited when writing essays[4] or discussing paperwork (especially with the Notary).[5] When attending social gatherings, she makes it clear she is doing so grudgingly.[2]

Despite this, she has had several romantic relationships: she spent about half a year with Narto Telyan between the Crashing Down crisis and his disappearance,[6] and had several girlfriends in the years that followed. None of her known relationships seem to have been very successful, and it is possible she is still caught up on an earlier "one who got away".

Agent History[]

Terri has been employed by the PPC since at least 2000, when she demonstrated the Department of Personnel's trademark obstructionism to the Lichen.[7] A few years later, she was assigned to DOGA early in the department's history,[8] but not before Dafydd Illian had already made a nightmarish mess of the archives.[1] She was requested after DOGA received its third agent; given Takua's recruitment date[9] this must have been Agent Huinesoron.

Terri mostly kept her head down and stayed in the DOGA Archives. She had a certain amount of interaction with Narto Telyan,[1] and even got into a romantic relationship with him, though due to some timey-wimey shenanigans by Lou, it is unclear how much of their relationship actually happened, and how much is just memories - if there is even a difference.[6]

Over the years, Terri has gotten involved in a few PPC publications. Her contribution to the (second) Multiverse Monitor was involuntary,[3] but she wrote an essay for the third incarnation[10] and provided a walking tour to the PPC Agent's Guide to La Calédonie.[11] For reasons unknown, she also occasionally receives random mission reports, which she amuses herself by reviewing.[12]

In 2013, she was recorded as being part of the "R&R Division" of Personnel;[10] this division is otherwise unknown, but possibly replicates some of the functions of the Department of Author Correspondence.


April 2004
  • Files and adds brief notes to most missions from DOGA.
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January 2007
  • Narto mysteriously disappears from the PPC. Terri is distraught.
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