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Agent Terri Ryan is a member of the Department of Personnel, currently attached to the Department of Geographical Aberrations as an archivist. She is written by Huinesoron.

Terri appeared on Page Three of the tenth issue of the Multiverse Monitor. Or at least, in theory she did. The girl appearing in the paper had fair skin and was described as being in the Department of Intelligence; Terri is black and in the Department of Personnel. The reason for this discrepancy is unknown.

Agent Profile[]


Terri is a rather hassled young woman, which, since she was given the task of sorting out two years' worth of Dafydd Illian's rather abysmal filing, is hardly a surprise. However, she still finds time to indulge in her more intellectual pastimes – she has written an essay concerning the career of Agent Dafydd – and even managed to enter into a relationship with Narto Telyan following the Crashing Down crisis. Following his disappearance, however, she became even more withdrawn, and is now rarely seen outside the DOGA Archives.


Terri is a young woman in her early twenties. She has black skin, and hair to match. Said hair is usually tied up in a severe bun, but on occasion she has been known to let it flow loose. Given that she most often wears a PPC uniform – black – she has been known to become completely invisible when in the more shadowed parts of the Archives.


  • Huinesoron's Webplex
    • Terri's presence is notable throughout the Webplex, although stories with her in them are hard to find.