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Tera is an agent in the Department of Implausible Crossovers, recently transferred from Floaters.


Tera is a grey insectoid summon, with five eyes, four red, glowing dragonfly wings, a tail, and blades that come out of the top of her wrist (somehow, she can bend her elbow and wrist when the blades are retracted. It's probably best not to question it). She wears her flash patch on a black scarf.


Tera is usually nice, but is very nitpicky about small details of canon—using the wrong name for a Device that's never mentioned in the main canon, for example. She feels guilty if she messes up the charge list slightly, and has a hatred of butterflies.

Agent History[]

At some point, Tera was recruited from an unknown badfic. She was set up to be a summon for a Mary Sue obsessed with butterflies, to the point of altering her summons' bodies to include them. Luckily, the Mary Sue was killed before Tera could contract with her, and she was recruited because, as a member of a species shown only once, the agents weren't sure she'd integrate into the canon. She was originally a Floater agent, but has transferred to the DIC.

She currently lives with the minis Hacken Form, rein, Teana Lanstar, Yunno, Fate chan, Fate POV, and Nanoha POV.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Ari[]