Telepathy is defined by Wikipedia as "the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classical senses." Generally this is accepted as meaning the ability to share one's thoughts with others and/or hear the thoughts of others.

Examples of telepathy or similar abilities in various canons include:

Not to be confused with telekinesis.

Telepathy and the PPC Edit

Depending on the canon and context, telepathic abilities may or may not be a charge. However, accidental telepathy, where a non-telepathic character reacts to something that another character thinks/feels/knows but never said aloud, is always charge-worthy. Accidental telepathy is often a problem in role-plays, where it counts as a form of meta-gaming, so it may appear in fanfic that was based on an RP.

Telepathic Agents Edit

The Flowers communicate through telepathy, and some show evidence of having other psychic powers along with it.

Others with telepathy in the PPC include:

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