Agent Teena (known as Kit in her cursed form) is a part-time assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Anime Division. She was written by Teena M.

Teena and her partner WyldeHorse both suffer from the Jusenkyo curse thanks to an incident in a bad Ranma 1/2 fic, where the story's Sue "tried to upset the whole damn continuum" with fandom Jusenkyo. Teena's cursed form, in which she is called Kit, is a male silver fox demon, or youko. Being a canine, he rivaled the feline GreyLadyBast for the position of PPC Patron Deity. Kit has the ability to turn into a small multi-tailed fox and to grow and control a Death Tree. He is more sadistic than Teena is normally. He also has the rampant hormones and indiscriminate sex drive that come with being a youko.

Normally, though, Teena is a human female with hazel eyes and waist-length braided hair that is almost black. She rages at the improper use and spelling of Japanese and believes that if you can't be bothered to study the language at least a bit, you shouldn't be using it.

She and Wylde share a favorite character: Kurama, the "yummy ningen-youko" from Yu Yu Hakusho. Two things keep the partners in harmony instead of fighting over him: One is the simple fact that Wylde likes his ningen form better, while Teena prefers the youko. The other is that they're both yaoi fans, and would rather see Kurama with Hiei than any girl, up to and including themselves.

Teena is responsible for the Official Fanfiction University of X (which sadly went down after someone reported it to the Pit admins for unknown reasons), which is why she's only a part-time assassin. She invented Bleepium, a combination of Bleeprin and Valium.

She also attends the Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar, where Wylde is the dean, and has picked up some empathic abilities and minor healing magic. She is subject to feeling the emotions of people around her and sometimes uses Wylde to realign herself when the torment of OOC canon characters becomes too much.

She has one mini: Suabru, a mini-Tree, presumably from the OFUX. She also seems to have, or to have had, a relationship of some sort with Agent Irvine from the Department of Internal Affairs.

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