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Team Phoenix is an interdepartmental unit of seven agents, all of whom are carbon copies of former canon characters who either died in their canons, or, in the case of Spence, would not be missed in the event of an intervention. (It's really quite complicated, but the original canonicals remain where they should be.) Most of these characters were played by Sean Bean in their respective movies, which is like having six identical agents walking around HQ. All of which look like Boromir. (Except for Patrick Miller.) It's bad form to glomp fellow agents — not to mention a terminally bad idea — but not all agents have good sense or good self-control. On the plus side, all of the six lookalikes can now sprint like racehorses.

Department of Mary Sues[]

Department of Floaters[]

Mission Reports[]

These mission logs are under review, because they are approximately eight years old, and terrible. Expect them to be dealt with, eventually. In the meantime you can laugh at what Chatvert used to think was good writing.

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