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Former agent Tawaki Penguin is a were-penguin turned Borg turned Time Lord most recently in the Department of Temporal Offenses. He retired in 2009.

Agent Profile[]

First Tawaki[]

As a human, he had brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard. He wore a black T-shirt and jeans. He tended to address Mary Sues in the familiar.

Tawaki is a were-penguin. At the full moon, he turns into a giant rockhopper penguin. This problem did not go away even after his assimilation and regenerations.

Second Tawaki[]

Now a Time Lord, he was slightly shorter than he had been, with black hair, gray eyes, aquiline features, and a mustache and goatee. He wore a mustard yellow shirt with a bag-of-holding pocket, purple pants, and a pair of red-winged blackbird lapel pins. His voice was basso profondo. He didn't curse as much as his former incarnation, but said "Glaurung. Glaurung, glaurung, glaurung" a lot.

Third Tawaki[]

Just before retiring, Tawaki regenerated again. His skin darkened a few shades, his beard vanished, and his eyes turned green. While his last two incarnations had been on the stout side, this one has a beanpole build. His voice is bass-baritone with a Late Narnian accent. He toned down his attire somewhat, choosing black slacks and a navy blue t-shirt with bag-of-holding pockets. However, he also wears a yellow-orange fedora and goes barefoot.

Agent History[]

He was created by a transporter accident during his template's training. Two months later, he began in the Department of Mary Sues, Narnia Division, working with Nicholas Duval. He worked with Tangara Braxton in the Myst Division while Nick recovered from injuries, and then with Nick again.

When Nick married another agent, Tawaki was transferred to the Department of Floaters. After a year and a half with the Floaters, he was transferred to the new Department of Temporal Offenses with Agent Melpomene, and after the Key to Canon search was partnered with Agent Dustin O'Grady. He is married to Agent Tadkeeta.

In order to slay Tersan Anthrias, an uber-powerful Gary Stu in Potterverse, Tawaki absorbed Time Vortex energy, becoming the Silver Gate Entity. When he bled the energy off, he was dying, and Tadkeeta turned him into a Time Lord so he could regenerate.


Mission Reports[]

Home: Tawaki's LiveJournal

Partnered with Nicholas Duval[]

Partnered with Iskillion[]

Partnered with Melpomene[]

Partnered with Dustin O'Grady[]