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Tarian Toran joined the PPC in September 2008.

Agent Profile[]


Tarian was recruited from a very warped Narnia fic in which his family were some of the ancestors of the Calormenes and had somehow intermarried with Dryads (which the author claimed to be the reason for their strange appearance), but knew of Earth and had advanced technology such as cars and electronic lighting (no, the agents didn't get how this worked either). He was a rather inoffensive and practically featureless bit-character, something of a yes-man and a source of admiration for the fic's Sue, a princess of a made-up country somewhere in the region where Archenland should have been.

He was recruited out of pity by the agents who took on the fic, and taken up to Personnel immediately afterwards. The debate still stands on whether this was actually an act of pity or cruelty, as the eighteen-year-old boy was immediately assigned to the Department of Bad Slash. His partner, Dana Trent, was sympathetic enough at first, but as time has gone on she has become less so in an attempt to toughen him up a bit towards his work.


Standing at 5'8" with a medium build, Tarian would be a fairly average-looking young man, if it were not for the fact that his skin is dark brown, his eyes are pale grey and his hair is silver-white.


He is a rather shy person, as a general rule. A little sensitive about his slightly unusual looks, he is rather awkward at interacting with new people, particularly girls around his own age. When on missions, he initially got incredibly embarrassed when faced with anything more graphic than a kiss, balancing it out by getting annoyed with his partner when she pointed it out. He often insists that as a heterosexual teenage boy, he has an excuse for his embarrassment, although he has improved markedly since.


The PPC's technology poses far fewer problems for him than it does for his partner, meaning that he is generally the one coerced into answering messages, setting disguises if necessary and generally doing most of the awkward work. However, Dana's opinion is that at least this makes him useful for something.

Due to his personal circumstances, and having been informed in great detail about Luxury by his colleagues, Tarian is very nervous about the idea of getting caught alone by that particular Slasher.

Mission Reports[]

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