Tanya Carter is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Lilac Lielac.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Tanya has shaggy black hair probably kept short with a knife, hazel eyes, and brown skin. She's 5'3" and stocky, especially strong when it comes to upper-body strength, and wouldn't take off her PPC-issue black jacket if she was in the middle of a heat wave.

Personality Edit

Tanya has an excellent poker face, helped by how she's generally laid-back anyway. She's fairly casual with looking murderous even when she's just bored, as seen with her habit of playing with knives in either case. Generally she tries to use the fewest syllables possible to get her point across, and often abbreviates words together to do so; she's also fairly fond of nicknames.

Agent History Edit

Recruitment Edit

Tanya joined the PPC after an incident involving a potted cactus, a plothole leading to Personnel, and a lot of said cactus's spines in uncomfortable places.

Career Edit

Soon after her recruitment, Tanya was assigned to be Magdalen Blackwell's partner. Due to the PPC's capricious hallways, Tanya ran into Mike de Bergerac gathering up backup for a mission in a badfic Maggie had been assigned to before finding her RC, and Tanya offered her assistance in taking care of the horde of replacements in the badfic. Tanya then watched over Maggie while she recovered from her ordeal, properly met her partner once Maggie awoke, and participated in another Bionicle mission, revealing a bit of a crush on Mike both before and after. Tanya also objected somewhat to Maggie's recruitment of Taho, as she didn't see the point in recruiting a bit.

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Partnered with Maggie Blackwell Edit

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