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This article is about the Tangled Web story and event. It is possible you are looking for the Tangled Webs website, which was named after it.

The Tangled Web fiasco is an event mentioned in Jay and Acacia's seventeenth mission report, "Darkness Awakened." It refers to a megacrossover believed[1] to be the series A Tangled Web by ordinaryguy2.

The Fiasco[]

Dealing with the badfic involved most of the staff of the Department of Implausible Crossovers, a number the Sunflower Official stated to be "some dozen."[2] (It is possible he was being facetious.) Jay and Acacia were transferred to the DIC to help manage its regular caseload in the meantime.[2] The Lichen showed them the mission in progress to impress upon them the chaos a crossover can cause if it gets out of hand.[2]

Canon characters observed by Jay and Acacia were:

The Series[]

A Tangled Web is an eight-part series originally written between 1997/1998[3] and December 31, 2014 per the latest update date on Part 8.[4] Sometime between July 12, 2017 and October 30, 2018, the author took down the original stories and began replacing them with rewritten versions.[5] The originals may still be accessed via the Wayback Machine:


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