Agent Tangara Braxton is a Mary Sue in the Department of Arrests in the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum. As part of an experiment, her dimension's Makes-Things transferred her mind, as well as those of Kedri'Neref, Tawaki, and Tadkeeta, into the bodies of their prime multiverse counterparts. While all four understandably reacted poorly to this, Tangara was particularly upset, lamenting the loss of her Suvian beauty. After Nicholas Duval inadvertently revealed that the four exiles were not in their original multiverse, she murdered him out of frustration, which brought the Security Dandelions down on her group. They were eventually cornered in the HQ Pool, and Tangara was mortally wounded in the ensuing battle. Her dimension's Nendil took advantage of this, using the Mind Extractor to transfer the mind of the Tinco Division traitor Dassie into her mortally wounded body. As mirror Dassie's body was also heavily damaged, she is assumed to have died from his wounds.


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