Agent Tangara Braxton is a member of the Department of Mary Sues, Myst Division. She is written by Tawaki.

Tangara is tall with violet eyes and a heavily scarred face usually hidden under a ski mask. She's little vain, and positively gleeful when hunting Mary Sues. She may be a little mad, even by PPC standards.

She is a semi-fic blip, having originated in an HP Suefic that never got uploaded. She was recruited in mid-2004 HST and worked with Agent Hammertong at first. While feeding a Gary Stu, Rheim son of Sirrus, to a wahrk on Riven, she was pulled in and barely escaped with her life. In 2006, Hammertong went insane and Tangara was paired with Tawaki Penguin for a time before being paired with Kedri'Neref Hemelin.

In the mirror multiverse, EPC Agent Dassie Hyrax turned her into a sleeper agent for the EPC, and the Tinco Division of the DIS took her to remove the unconscious commands. She was officially listed as "Missing in Action."

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