Taho is an as-of-yet unassigned recruit. He is written by Lilac Lielac.

Agent ProfileEdit


Due to his origins in a badfic with severely beige prose, the only thing currently certain about Taho's appearance is that he is red and, like most Toa, approximately 7.2 feet tall.


Taho is the victim of lazy writing, and as such is very much hotheaded, hot-tempered, and several other cliché phrases related to both heat and personality. Whether he also exemplifies other stereotypical Ta-Matoran traits such as a head for tactics and mathematics, has yet to be confirmed.


Taho is a Toa of Fire from the Bionicle continuum. He was recruited from his original badfic by Magdalen Blackwell due to having enough personality to distrust a Mary Sue and having likely been an accident on the part of the badfic's creator due to being inconsistently mentioned instead of another of the bits in the same fic. Maggie then dragged him off to FicPsych to get his lack of proper description looked at.


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