Tacitus is a spy in the Department of Intelligence. He is written by SeaTurtle.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Tacitus is a Zorua: a grey, foxlike Pokémon that is able to project an illusion to disguise his true appearance. Despite his ability, Tacitus usually walks around HQ undisguised and uses shadows and crowds to slip by unnoticed. He wears a black tailored vest with the DoI’s flash patch on its back and special pouches to hold his writing notebook and pen.

Tacitus is born mute; as such he is completely unable to speak, even in disguise. He prefers communicating through written messages and body language instead.

PPC Career Edit

He fell into HQ in 2012, at the age of one. His life prior to joining the PPC is shrouded in mystery, but the most widespread rumour is that he was an orphaned cub.

He has since worked in the Department of Intelligence, dutifully filing out reports and keeping a low profile.

Tacitus is known for being an information broker working for a woman simply known as “Madam”. Should any agent need to know the latest happenings in HQ, where to find sellers for rare weapons, or even which restaurant in New Caledonia is worth their time, Tacitus is the ‘mon to call on.

Personality Edit

Cold, selfish, disdainful, condescending: in his own words, Tacitus is “an awful excuse for a ‘mon”. Interactions with him are punctuated with prolonged silent stares, smirks, and the occasional hiss of laughter. Attempts to reach out to him on a personal level are met with derision and scorn.

His more optimistic colleagues say that all of this is an act and that deep inside he yearns for the warmth of friendship. They claim that sometimes, when Tacitus thinks that nobody is looking, he lets his ears and tail droop and that his eyes are filled with sadness.

Tacitus has so far made no comments on these rumours.

Intelligence Reports Edit

Not declassified yet.

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