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T.C. was a G.I. Joe Mary Sue slain by agents Suicide and Diocletian. Though her entire story clocked in at less than three thousand words, including the angry author's notes, she nevertheless managed to royally tick off the agents by disrespecting the canon characters, acting smug to everyone she met, and showing a staggering lack of understanding towards anything military-related.

Character History[]

T.C. was a soldier and a "chef" (not cook, quartermaster, or mess sergeant) for the Joe team, and also a civilian with secret knowledge that the Joe team absolutely needed. Whether she was a soldier or a civilian was never ultimately clarified. Either way, she primarily used her position to threaten canons with a diet of nothing but soup and soda crackers, and intimidated several Joes into cowed submission. At one point, she indirectly sicced one canon on another, resulting in a direct violation of the chain of command and OOC behavior all around. Thanks to spelling the canon term "greenshirt" as "green shirt," she appeared as a floating polyester button-down for the entire story.

The fic never proceeded far enough for the plot to develop, and T.C.'s real reasons for being with the Joe team remained a mystery.

Charges and Death[]

The charges included, but were not limited to: corrupting of canon characters, corrupting the very nature of G.I. Joe and the chain of command, making herself a living piece of clothing, abuse of power, confusion about who she was and what exactly she was doing there, inconsistency in her own knowledge and abilities, punctuation abuse, possible plagiarism, mouthing off to superior officers, creation of a mini, and (though not officially on the list) Annoying PPC Agents. Since she didn't seem to understand how a petty bully like her would be treated in a unit with even a shred of realism, Suicide and Diocletian dumped her in the Reality Room and let what would happen, happen.


Tough to Take (the mission)