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Agent T'Zar is a Vulcan from Star Trek, specifically The Original Series. She was originally written by Tawaki, and is now written by Zingenmir. She is currently partnered with Abaddon.

Agent Profile[]


Along with the classic Vulcan slanted eyebrows and pointed ears, T'Zar has olive skin, deep brown eyes, and somewhat curly brown hair. She is not exceptionally tall or obviously muscled, but her posture and movement can give the impression of being steady or solid.

Personality/Brief History[]

Like the rest of her people, T'Zar is a touch telepath and possessed of very strong emotions. She controls the expression of said emotions, and reacts logically as much as possible. An increasingly long stay among humans has made her perhaps a touch more expressive than many of her fellows: those who know her well can spot small shifts of expression and read them accordingly. After thirteen years in the PPC, she is also more tolerant of the illogic inherent in much of human dialogue and action than she was in early years, despite the incomprehensibility that some of it retains.

PPC Career[]

T'Zar is the widow of Agent Salok, who died in the Assimilation Crisis. She was devastated, but muddled through in the Vulcan way. She worked with Agent Tadkeeta in the Department of Geographical Aberrations for at least a year and a half between 2006 and March 2008. She was then reassigned to a new partner, Agent Abaddon, with whom she moved into RC 7221. In 2009, T'Zar was repartnered again, this time with Agent Dawn McKenna, another young human. This new partnership worked out well, leaving the two close friends for life. When Dawn left DOGA for the DMS in 2012, Abaddon returned to RC 7221 and remained there.

She is a licensed Sun Crusher pilot, and in 2007 she and Tadkeeta blew up the Naklab System from the Marrissa Picard series.

(She also had a Mirrorverse counterpart).


  • June - goes on a mission with Dawn and Abaddon, in which Dawn is injured and T'Zar offers comfort before portaling her to Medical.
  • early - Dawn is transferred to the DMS; T'Zar is re-partnered with Abaddon.
  • May 18 - Dawn is confused by T'Zar's description of a mission (borderline canonical)
  • September 27 - T'Zar and Abaddon are visited by Dawn and Zeb.
  • mid-March - T'Zar attends the annual Purim party with Abaddon.
  • March - Dawn comes to T'Zar for advice.
  • late April - rescues Abaddon via mind-meld.